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JAFAREC Men's Workshop March 2021
Men's Counseling

Is separation and protection enough? Recovery of Victims…

The day before yesterday we had Women’s workshop, and last night we had Men’s workshop… In both workshops, we had Egograms. At the Women’s workshop, a victim woman who was in the middle of the crisis participated via Skype. In spite of the vividness of her story, the participants listened attentively without being swayed. If …

JAFAREC Ten-Sho-An and flower

Joint custody legislation … the reason why I didn’t have much to do with it

The US and Europe have been criticizing the Japanese government for many years about significant human rights violations in Japan due to the sole custody system and judicial decisions. The Japanese media doesn’t report on it at all. However, under external pressure, with the media slowly reporting the message of the domestic mutual self-help groups …


Japan’s politicians and business people are corrupt, worse than the smelling corrupt

They would turn a blind eye to any kind of human rights violation as long as they can make money… Since they are the ones running the Japanese politics, they are going to sell out water, seeds, and everything else related to people’s safety to foreign capital. They can do whatever they want in the …

JAFAREC newspaper partnership act Kyoto

You are just as good as you are… the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto

On September 1, the partnership act goes into effect in Kyoto city. Five years behind Shibuya and Setagaya. Currently, about 50 local governments have introduced a partnership system, but only a few in Japan as a whole. Since it is not a law, it has no legal validity, but it provides welfare and other benefits …

JAFAREC shelter - domestic violence support
Men's Counseling

Victims running away is… strange, isn’t it?

Under Japan’s Domestic Violence Protection Act, the only support for a victim’s protection is for the victim to leave the home and be sheltered. Moreover, it requires complete separation and disconnection from the perpetrator in order to ensure their safety. At first glance, it seems to make sense, but when you are in the field, …