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Women's workshop Rescue Tools
Men's Counseling

Erotic and grotesque are sometimes useful… Anything for a rescue tool?

Today we had Women’s workshop… There were ten of us, including two men and an online participant. The topic was “Rescue Tools.” This is a workshop where we analyze ourselves and share with others the tools, relationships, things, spaces, etc. that we use to overcome crises and maintain peace in difficult times, anxious times, troubled …

Men's workshop My Rules JAFAREC
Men's Counseling

Family is other people… Be happy and free from the family illusion

The topic of yesterday’s Osaka workshop and the one before that at Men’s workshop was “My Rules”. The idea was to sort out the behavioral norms that we are hardly aware of into “My Rules, Family Rules, and Social Rules” and share them with others. By separating the norms that apply to you alone, the …

JAFAREC Tokyo workshop Mar 2021 full 2
Men's Counseling

Ultimately, family is other people… Dismantling the family fantasy, and family happiness

It was quite rainy last Sunday, so I thought the session in Nihonbashi would not be well attended… but… The mini-lecture was “The Family from the Perspective of Primatology and Human History” and we chatted. The theme of the workshop was “What is a family? And from noon, we had an “Egogram” session. By that …

JAFAREC Tokyo Workshop Feb 2021

Tomorrow in Nihonbashi, Tokyo… with a lecture and workshop on family

What is a family… Let me examine the family illusion that many people in the world believe in, from the perspective of primatology, folklore and so on. When a family problem arises, people look for who is at fault, and assume that the problem will be solved by punishing or separating the person. But this …

Yellow night bus arrival JAFAREC Workshop Tokyo
Men's Counseling

Let’s get angry… Acceptance and verbalization of emotions

Yesterday, I had a session at a facility called SBL in Kakigaracho, which I remember from my days in Nihonbashi. The mini-lecture session started at 9am, and we chatted about the lies of the coronavirus vaccine and Jung’s shadow. He explained that when our unconsciously suppressed emotions are projected onto the person we are meeting, …

Night bus arrival at Shinjuku station
Men's Counseling

The wonder of life… The last Yoyogi workshop session of the year

Yesterday’s Yoyogi workshop started with a chat on the theme of “The Wonder of Life”. I’ve been thinking that our concept of life as understood by the values of modern rationalism and the reality of life are quite different. Our understanding of heredity, evolution, and ecology is partial and superficial. My understanding is that the …